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Textiles, fertilizers, plastics, and other materials have become indispensable in our lives. However, the production and use of these chemicals generate wastes that can be difficult and expensive to manage. Reaction35 improves the sustainability of chemicals production by helping partners manage their waste streams effectively

About Reaction35

We founded Reaction35 to develop and implement processes to recover and reuse valuable components found in waste streams arising through chemical production. By reusing these components, Reaction35’s processes increase the sustainability of chemical production and reduce the volume and hazardousness of waste stream residuals. We aim to be the leading provider of technology that improves the cost-effectiveness, safety, and sustainability of chemical production and use. We are developing strong partnerships across the industry, delivering value-adding solutions so partners can more effectively manage waste streams. When our efforts succeed, we look to share in the value our solutions create for partners.

Reaction35 understands that each waste stream has unique characteristics and each partner has unique objectives. Our dedicated team works hard to understand the characteristics of the waste stream and the objectives of the generating company to maximize the effectiveness of the processes we develop.

Reaction35 is located in Santa Barbara, California, and has established a successful track record for solving challenging problems throughout the fine and specialty chemical industries.

Reaction35 in Santa Barbara

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Our Mission: To increase the sustainability and circularity of the chemical industry.

Our Approach

We strive to work collaboratively with partners to bring chemical production and use more fully into the circular economy. Our approach centers on taking an “ownership” mentality to recover value from the waste stream. This allows our partners to focus on their core business while we work to advance their sustainability goals.

Preliminary Process Identification

We start by gaining a thorough understanding of our partner’s waste streams and current management methods. This allows us to propose solutions that are in alignment with the partner’s objectives and requirements. With this knowledge, we can move forward on plans and strategies that make sense for each partner.

Process Development Plan

We collaborate with partners to develop a tailored Process Development Plan. The Plan focuses on accessing the environmental, efficiency, and cost benefits of innovation so our partners can stay ahead of the competition. Process concepts are tested using samples from our partners. Once a value proposition has been developed and demonstrated, we work with our partners to create an implementation strategy.

Implementation Strategy

We begin early to construct a solid relationship with our partners to ensure alignment on goals and roles. The strength of these relationships allows us to explore options for implementing the process in a manner that maximizes benefits for all parties. Implementation options range from Reaction35 owning and operating the process at the partner’s location to licensing the process to the partner.

Reaction35’s proprietary processes transform low-value waste into high-value products. The processes we develop increase product and process agility, reduce energy and raw material usage, and improve environmental sustainability and safety.

Reaction35 and Offshore Oil Platform
Reaction35 Chemists Developing New Technology

At present, Reaction35 is developing sustainability-enhancing applications in several different industries. And, because our processes are designed to seamlessly integrate into existing infrastructure, Reaction35 can generate a strong competitive advantage for our customers.

Reaction35 often finds that elements of a process developed for a specific waste stream have utility for other waste streams. The process that Reaction35 has developed for increasing the sustainability and circularity of completion fluids employed by the oil industry provides an example:

Reaction35 has developed technology that recovers bromide and other components from waste fluids generated in the oil well completion process. The recovered bromide is then used to produce virgin Clear Brine Fluids that meet the specifications required for the completion process.

Once an oil well is drilled, it is critical that drilling mud, drill cuttings, and other contaminants be removed from the wellbore lest they interfere with oil and gas production. Removing these contaminants is accomplished by circulating high-density bromide-based brines known as Clear Brine Fluids in the industry through the wellbore. Following use, these contaminant-laden completion fluids are sent for disposal, generating costs for both disposal and replacement of the lost brine.

Reaction35 developed a process to recover bromide from waste completion fluids. Reaction35’s BRT Process recovers bromide as high-purity hydrobromic acid, which is then used to produce Clear Brine Fluids. Advantages of the BRT Process include:

  • Recovery of other valuable products, such as hydrochloric acid and water
  • Reduction of disposal volumes of up to 85%
  • Low carbon intensity
  • Entry of completion fluids into the circular economy

Since its development, Reaction35 has expanded the utility of the bromide recovery process by employing its underlying principles in several projects with agrochemical producers, whose products also result in the generation of waste bromide streams.

Reaction35’s employees are key to our success. We’re a Santa Barbara, California-based company committed to providing a work environment that cultivates innovation and professional accomplishment. We search for individuals who will thrive doing challenging work as part of a diverse, collaborative team.


Don’t see a role that perfectly matches your qualifications? At Reaction35, we believe that great talent often lies beyond the confines of a job listing. If you resonate with our values, are passionate about our mission, and believe you can contribute significantly to our team, we would love to hear from you.

We welcome speculative applications from individuals who envision themselves as a part of our dynamic and innovative team. Your unique skills and perspectives might be just what we need to drive our company forward.

Additionally, if you know someone whose talents align with any of our open positions, please feel free to share our job listings with them. We value community referrals and believe in finding the best fit through our extended networks.

Be a part of something bigger. Apply today and help us shape the future!

If you would like to contact Reaction35 to learn more about the value-adding technology we are pioneering or have any questions, please contact us using any of the methods listed below.

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